Other Products

SaatiPrint manufactures high-precision woven fabrics, which are developed from synthetic raw materials such as polyester, and polyamide, with specialty finishes to optimize performance. All of our fabrics meet the demanding needs for such diverse market segments as Graphics, Textile, Ceramic, Electronics, Glass, and Optical Disc. EMULSIONS

SaatiChem formulates and manufactures an extensive selection of emulsions. The range of emulsions include diazo, dual-cure, and pure photopolymer technologies plus SaatiChem's unique triple-cure emulsions. Only SaatiChem develops and optimizes emulsion lines specific to your printing applications. SaatiChem offers GRAFIC emulsions for display and industrial graphic printing, TEXTIL emulsions for garment-printing, flat textile printing, and rotary textile printing, VITRUM emulsions for flat glass, glass containers, and automotive glass, and CERAMIC emulsions for direct ceramic tile printing and ceramic decals. SaatiChem FINISH blockouts/screen fillers offer both high performance and user friendliness. FINISH blockouts contain no solvents and provide increased filling power. All have pleasant-smelling formulations and spread smooth and uniformly for optimum drying and filling. Use to cover open mesh areas and pinholes.

Squeeges & Accessories Made in the United States and abroad to Saatiprint's specifications, Duralife squeegees are available as either a cast blade made in individual cavity molds (ME) or as a precision cut-edge (CE). Manufactured with our exclusive urethane formulation that locks in abrasion resistance. Duralife squeegees hold up longer on press and resist softening, including UV and conventional solvent applications. Duralife will not be affected adversely by humidity, or harden in storage. Choose from seven color-coded durometers, from extra soft to extra hard.