Argus International spray technology has been proven superior to other methods of LPISM application. Our primary goal was to produce a spray system and a tack dry oven which could be linked through compatible conveyor systems to form a time and labor-efficient unit and to eliminate the handling of wet boards. A single, traversing spray head also increases efficiency by reducing setup time, and decreasing both machine cost and maintenance.

HVLP-Heated Gun Technology allows use of high-solids LPISM for increased efficiency and minimized environmental impact. Argus drying technology provides a major breakthrough in reduction of tack dry time. Typical convection systems require 35 to 45 minutes to tack dry LPISM coatings; the 9724 3 Zone Tackdry Oven reduces this to 3 or 4 minutes and 9724 5 Zone Final Cure Oven reduces final cure time to 6 or 7 minutes.

The Argus International 9000 Product Line, shown above, consists of a Double Sided LPISM Spray Application System and a 3 Zone Tackdry Oven.
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