IMC-MetalsAmerica, LLC supplies the world's finest copper, brass, tin, and nickel products in bar, rod, nugget, and ball forms.

IMC’s manufacturing process is engineered to produce the hot-rolled and fine-grained copper, which is preferred in end-user processes. Each step of IMC’s high-speed production is closely and continuously computer-monitored, from analytical testing of raw feed, through alloying and at final quality certification. In this way, strict customer specifications are assured.

Metallic Resources provides high quality solder and tin products for the Printed Circuit Board Industry.

Tin and Tin/Lead Products Metallic Resources’ cast and extruded plating anodes are manufactured using the purest tin and tin/lead solder alloys. Cast anodes are available in a rectangular shape 1"x4" by specified length (up to 54"long). Extruded anodes are available in a variety of shapes in specified lengths up to 84" long. All anodes are drilled and tapped to accept a 3/8" diameter, 16 threads/inch hook. Plating nugget anodes are also available for basket plating applications.

Solder Products
Metallic Resources’ standard bar solder is manufactured from electrolytically processed tin and lead to create solder so pure it far exceeds most common specification requirements. It is available in standard 63/37 eutectic alloy, as well as non-standard specialty and custom formulated alloys, to meet each specification and production soldering need. Electrolytic solder is compatible with all fluxes, including “no-clean” fluxes. Standard packaging includes 25 and 50 pound boxes containing cast 2.2 pound kilo bars, or 8 pound ingots.

Electrolytic solder is also available as nuggets.