Toryon carries a variety of films to meet our customers production needs.

  • Dry film photo resist for a broad range of circuit board manufacturing.
  • Lead Frame
  • Print & Etch
  • Plating
  • Tenting
  • Specially application for high-density board
  • Chemical Milling
  • Protective films to ensure that your phototool is protected .
  • Diazo films for your photo tooling needs.
  • Particulate cleaning systems.

Dry Film Resist
s a photosensitizing material used to make to PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards), Lead Frames, and other micro electronic devices. Today's trend in electronic industry demands an emphasis on high density and miniaturization. It requires Dry Film Resist to provide higher resolution, superior adhesion and excellent conformity. With an emphasis on Research and Development of Dry Film Resist, Kolon has been able to provide superior products to meet the diversified needs of our customers, and the specifications of PCB industry. Accuimage is Kolon's Dry Film Resist product. Accuimage is an aqueous negative type of Dry Film Resist that allows the formation of micro circuits and multi-layer fine patterns boards. Kolon has a Technical Service System where research and development as well as prompt technical support is provided. Kolon forecasts the needs of our customers and is an industry leader in technology development.

Characteristics of Accuimage

  • Aqueous, negative type of Photoresist
  • Higher resolution
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Tolerance to the strong chemicals

ACCUIMAGE (Accuracy + Image) offers solutions to requirements during manufacturing process for electronic circuit board and semiconductor's core parts.