Etch/Plating Resists
A range of resists applied by screen, rotary screen or gravure processes that cover alkaline or acid-resistant products and products strippable in alkaline or solvents. Etch/Plating resists are used in the PCB industry but also in any industry that may need to etch/plate metals, including nameplates, chemical milling, RFID antenna production, and niche applications within the Photo Voltaic industry.

Imagecure Solder Resist
Imagecure is a complete range of Liquid Photo Image-able Solder Masks that come in all finish's (gloss, semi-matt, matt, extra-matt) and all applications (curtain coat, screen, e-spray, air-spray). Imagecure is also available in true Halogen Free Green, all known colors, and LDI (Laser Direct Imaging) versions. All made to ISO9001 and ISO14001, ROHS complaint and European products that comply to REACH standards.

Notation & Legend Inks
A range of marking inks available in white, yellow, red and black for both UV cure and Thermal cure processes. In addition, customers use the LPISM colors as a marking ink, most often screened or sprayed.

A new range of liquid coverlays and adhesives, which offer an innovative solution to give a competitive edge and enhanced quality for producers of flexible electronics.

XZ93R Peelable
A peelable ink specifically designed to withstand high-temperature applications including multiple wave passes for lead-free soldering, without loss of elasticity. XZ93R Peelable is part of a range of peelable resists for both etching and plating and can withstand most known plating and etching chemistries. Resists are used in the PCB industry but can also be used for glass etching.xxxxx