Rigid Media

Inteplast is an integrated low cost manufacture of Intepro corrugated plastic and Intefoam PVC graphic materials. Inteplast manufactures in Lolita, Texas 2.5 hours south of Houston, Texas with domestic resin. Inteplast is the product and market leader in North America often defining both in opening new markets and introducing new products. Intepro corrugated plastic is available from 2mm through 25mm. The most common stock items for printing is the 4mm material. The 4mm come in eleven stock sizes and colors like yellow, blue ivory, black and more. PSM color matches are available in truckload volumes. Mill run sheet directly off our extruders and square cut materials are available to custom sizes needed. Inteplast also manufactures Ultra Smooth a patented product that fills the grooves giving a smoother surface for digital printing and opaque white for printing signs on both sides. Inteplast also manufactures Super Clear that has proven to be a low cost clear material that is excellent for back lighted signs.
InteFoam is a PVC foam material for longer-term sign applications. Inteplast manufactures Intefoam from 2mm through 25mm. The most common thickness for graphic Intefoam is 3mm and 6mm. Inteplast also manufacture a number of stock colors and again the PSM color matching is available.

Toryon is a trusted distributor for Inteplast products and will be able to give you pricing for any of your needs of Intepro and Intefoam.